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Xbox 360 Avatar Caption Generator

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On Nov. 19, 2008 Microsoft released an update to its Xbox 360 that showed gaming consoles are far less limited than they were before. Bringing all new functionality and speed to a 3 year old system, this upgrade has been called the New Xbox Experience. One new feature is the ability for gamers to make avatars. These avatars are meant to reflect the personality of each gamer. And now, Add Letters lets you easily add a caption to your Xbox 360 avatar! Customize your captioned avatar and share it by emailing to your friends, posting it on a message board, or putting it up on myspace/facebook/your social network of choice.


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Send me your images! If you create something cool, send it to me. Just know that it may end up on the site in a "user gallery" someday. :) More options will be added soon, including different image sizes, more fonts, backgrounds other than white, and more! Check back soon!

Xbox 360 & Avatars © Microsoft Corporation.

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